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Welcome To Daniel Ravenel Real Estate!

Daniel Ravenel Real Estate has been managing properties in the Charleston area since our founding in 1983. Our reputation is built on meeting our owners’ needs by understanding their differing circumstances.

Just as Charleston is unlike anywhere else in the country, each property we manage in our rental pool is unique. Our appreciation of the differences is what sets us apart from other property management companies, and with a portfolio of diverse properties- Downtown Luxury Condos and Homes to College Apartments; West Ashley and Mt. Pleasant Suburban Homes and Condos; Beach properties; Furnished and Unfurnished; we have the experience to meet the needs of both property owners and tenants. We strive to match the needs of tenants with the right rental property, and want each of our tenants to feel at home. Search for your new home now by clicking on the FIND A HOME tab and view our available listings now. Owners, please click on the OWNERS tab to find more information on how we can help you with your property.